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Сообщение sapsan » 30 май 2007 17:20

March 19, 2007

I’m on my way to Japan for the second time in two years, and I wanted to stop for a moment and do another "blog" for all of you who like this kind of thing. Besides the introduction in the Kryon books, it’s about the only time you get to hear thoughts from my mind to yours in a personal way.

I’m assuming that if you are reading this, you are a probably a metaphysical person who is OK with what I do, or even better, you might even honor what I do, so you find yourself on this esoteric Web site where we can speak of channelling, angels, metaphysical healing energy and such things in a safe place.

I’m a busy guy, having made myself that way (I take responsibility for that). I run from city to city, venue to venue, and country to country. I have way too many projects going at once and I’m always writing another book. Currently, I’m behind on two of them that I have promised. What that causes a kind of protective box that I’m always in… surrounded by those who have come to see me, or who are doing some kind of metaphysical business with me. It’s kind of a "bubble of New Age reality" that comes with not associating with others of non-like consciousness. In other words, I’m always with people of like mind, so the only outside news I get about the "real" world is on the TV and within the various news and science magazines that I willingly watch and read to keep up with the times.

Every so often, Kryon makes me do a reality check. So the day before I left for this current trip to still another overseas large meeting (Japan), I took a deep breath and did what Kryon asked me to do… I typed my name into Google and did a search. (Gasp)

The reason I always cringe is because this search creates a list of every time my name is used anywhere that is published on the Internet. Of course, it always pulls up the kind of odd Wikipedia page with my name that someone wrote with incredible bias against channelling (I’ve seen that one a few times… makes we wonder about "free encyclopedias" where anyone can write about anything). Then it also brings up the many metaphysical and esoteric places where my books are and where comments are published about where I’ve been and where I’m going (mostly from my own Web site or those sources that support me).

But the ones that Kryon wanted me to see are the ones that are not pleasant. This reality check is so that I don’t get a big head, and so that every once in a while I can see what others are saying about me. I know this is a good thing – honest. Although I don’t like it, and it hurts my heart, it helps keep in check the things that need to be looked at. At the very least, it gives me a fore-knowledge of what to have prepared in case folks show up at a seminar with attitude or for the purpose of causing trouble (unfortunately, this has happened a number of times).

I found it… the heart bullet. It was from a few years ago. It’s interesting about the Web – anything that’s said in chat rooms or message boards about anything is saved virtually forever! Even if the original is long gone, Google seems to find it and display it. Think about that the next time you write on one of these boards, by
the way.

The message was in the form of a rant against me directly and some of my closest associates (Gregg Braden, for one). As many of these are, it was a dialogue that was unkind, quoting things out of context and then making fun of them, calling us "whackos" and the like. It had follow-up from others who agreed, giving credibility to the remarks and patting the writer on the back. They did the obligatory Indigo Children thing, too… indicating we said they were extraterrestrials and so on (which we never did). I’ve seen worse, but I’m always taken aback by this whole process.

I’m not totally uniformed about why this happens, for it’s prevalent in almost every chat venue on Earth, especially in politics. I remember that the Internet is open to the entire earth. Most of us, however, don’t go to places that represent things we are not interested in. But in another consciousness, there are those people who seek things out that they don’t understand, then tear down another person because it’s easy. It also somehow makes them feel powerful or gives them a feeling of high importance. It’s a very empty jar that they play with here… needing to be filled up often with a continuing onslaught of insults and unfair, giddy remarks as though they represent very smart people who somehow have an edge on clear thinking. It’s also a dark jar filled with increasing insecurity and sadness. Those who do it regularly feel powerful, but only for a moment. So they move forward looking for the next group of people who they might impress with their bravado at the computer keyboard.

When I see it, my reaction is "I just don’t get it." Rather than being mad, I feel so sad that anyone would feel uplifted by this. In my world, I’m uplifted when others are! I’m elevated every time a person wins, finds themselves peaceful or in good health because of what they have done for themselves. I don’t care if they have ever read a Kryon book. I just love to hear success stories of those who lifted themselves up and are celebrating it. This is my joy and represents all my teaching.

As you know, I’m not evangelic, and don’t care to pass my channelling information to anyone who isn’t interested in it. That’s why it’s so sad to see others seek me out and blast away with unkindness. It means they had to actually go and actively find my information, since it’s not "out there" in a mainstream marketing way.

One reason I’m writing this is because one of the criticisms of my written, online channellings was notated and I realized that, indeed, it might need some clarification – not for the online, esoteric bullies, but rather for those of you who read my site.

The person in question quoted the statement I have on every online channelling that I publish on the Kryon Web site (www.kryon.com/channelling). My statement before each channelling indicates that I transcribe each one, then I "channel over the channel" for clarity. The remark made was, "What’s wrong, didn’t he get it right the first time?" Clearly, the person isn’t involved with literature of any kind, or he would also know the value and purpose of an editor, no matter what the written source is.

For those of you who don’t know why I would do this, and who feel that the originals should be kept exactly as the were… you should know that they are indeed kept, and you can actually hear them for free, and even compare them to the re-channelled ones. This is available on the free audio page at www.kryon.com/freeaudio. There you will find more than 20 hours (as of this writing) of the original channellings that we are discussing here.

Now, here’s a fun exercise to help you understand why I do the re-channeling after the fact. The next time you stand in front of a group (if you are doing these things), and do any kind of impromptu kind of speaking, record it! Then transcribe it. Then, try reading the thing. You will suddenly see why you have to edit, and why I "overchannel" the original for the written word. Much of what we verbalize for a group of listeners needs clarity when written! We use the kind of language that actually conveys a covert, silent understanding. We often use facial cues, gestures of understanding, often leave out the subject in the next sentence, and even stray away from clarity. This is really obvious when you read it in the original form. It’s for ears, not eyes.

So in each case, I channel over the channel. It enhances the message and clears up the parts that are not complete. So everything that is done in this way is to make the message more understandable. The information is never changed, but instead added unto. In my opinion, this is not only logical, but fair and clear of any other intent other than to help the reader and give them a better read. So this is an explanation of why this is done. In addition, you are often free to compare it to the original on the same Web site.

Finally, this critique of my work (and that of Gregg Braden) I am referring to was apparently "science based," like it was some kind of science club or association, or online amateur science group. This is what really made this odd – for Gregg is a scientist himself and an aerospace engineer. As for me, I carry with me on the road an M.D. scientist researcher, two Ph.D.s and numerous other professionals who are not "whackos." I just like to make the point that I do not stand alone in the things I teach, and that there are many around me who are far smarter than I, who understand that the esoterics of today might very well be tomorrow’s science*. This, of course, is exactly what has been happening for the last 100 years or so, but this fact somehow escapes those who would take us to task for being "whackos."

Also, the question I always wish to ask these guys is, if indeed I’m so incredibly out of touch with everything around me, why did the SEAT group at the United Nations seek out this information from Kryon, inviting me back six times over a decade to speak and channel at the UN (the latest being a few weeks ago)? I guess they are all "whackos," too?

Perhaps I’m now getting defensive, huh? Well, perhaps it’s time some things were spoken that need to be said. I don’t do it often.

Blessings to all of you!

Многое говорит о том, что человечество как всегда разделилось во мнениях. Не думал что американцы - которые матерые Христианине - будут проявлять упертость к Крайону.
Ну чтож тем не менее не только у нас, но и во всем мире Крайон шумиху поднял.
Весело. Так сказать сдул пыль.