Эзотерическому центру (США) СРОЧНО требуется программист

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Эзотерическому центру (США) СРОЧНО требуется программист

Сообщение almine » 09 мар 2011 00:51

Эзотерическому учебному центру (США) СРОЧНО требуется программист/вэбдизайнер с ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНЫМ УСЛОВИЕМ свободного владения английским языком.
Соответственно, требования работодателя изложены ниже на английском языке.
Если Вы заинтересованы в сотрудничестве, свяжитесь с нами по следующему адресу: almine@almine.ru

High-tech Assistent Requirements

Essentially we are looking for a web designer / programmer with an emphasis on the programming side. I'm not sure if it's too much to ask that he or she is fluent in English, but ideally this is the case.

I am more of a designer and so we require a person with a strong programmer side to complement that. However, the work may not necessarily be all that advanced to begin with. For starters we'll be retooling a bunch of web sites that currently use Joomla, which must be converted to Wordpress.

On the list below, when I indicate "intermediate level" I mean that this person is fully conversant with the code languages or software, though not necessarily "advanced".

When I say "advanced", it speaks for itself, but ideally the person is a "guru" in these skills. What I mean is that preferably he or she 'lives and breathes' this stuff; is very passionate about it; is a bit of a hacker, and that they 'dream in code'. To be sure, solid experienced required and certain code languages must be fully commanded.

To be sure, most of the essential skills required are not something that can just be learned for the occasion. Especially not PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. The exceptions would be Photoshop, Wordpress and vBulletin. Those last two are systems that consist of PHP, JavaScript and MySQL languages. So if the person masters these languages, then they can quickly pick up Wordpress and vBulletin.

On the whole this person should have a solid experience in web design and development - even if the work is basic for now. To illustrate, we'll be doing much web work that is fairly simple, but if ever we want to make, say, a Qi Vesta application we should be able to work with him / her.

I will have a Skype meeting with this hi-tech person and I believe we are hiring for 6 months - full time.



Essential Skills:
XHTML - intermediate or higher
CSS - intermediate or higher
PHP - Advanced
MySQL - Advanced (using the phpMyAdmin software)
JavaScript - Advanced
Photoshop - basic or higher (mostly for preparing images for the web)
Wordpress / Wordpress Templates
Must be conversant with some audio editing tool
Should be familiar with C-Panel

Nice, but not essential:
After Effects (specifically writing expressions)
iPhone programming (either with Objective-C / Cocoa or HTML / CSS / JavaScript)